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Can I cancel by box subscription at any moment?

Yes! You can choose from any of our three plans (one-month, three-month, 5-month). Once that term is complete, you will stop receiving the subscription and will not be charged monthly.

How many gummies are in 1lb bag?

It varies.. but there are around 195 amount of gummies in 1lb.

How can I subscribe to the monthly box?

By accessing the Subscription section of our website.

How do I receive my box?

The subscriptions are only available in the Dominican Republic at the moment, and will be shipped all around the country.

How much time until I receive my box?

5-7 business days.

What is a LODULCERD box? What types of products are included?

A LODULCERD box is a monthly subscription that includes a wide variety of a careful selection of candy, chocolates, and sweet inspired gifts and surprises.

Can I personalize my box?

Absolutely! Let us know in your checkout details.

Can I included a dedication letter in my box?

Yes! Please include it in your checkout details.

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